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Unique Metals Laser - Metal Art and Product Design
We specialize in designing and fabricating decorative screens, feature lights, laser cut cladding panels, water features, pergolas, letterboxes, mirror frames, wine holders, wall art, sculptures, garden partitions and much more!
  • Our creative manufacturing facility is the only one of its kind in WA. We have a standard range of UML Laser Screen products and offer customized product solutions for architects, builders, interior designers, landscape architects etc. from initial concept to final installation - " all under one roof"

    Our desire is to inspire you by offering a range of readymade design options for laser cutting, furniture and sculpture. Let Unique turn your concept into reality.

  • Facts about us:

    - Unique Laser is one of the Australia's leading laser cutting companies specializing in 2D and 3D laser cutting.

    - Our internal systems will allow modifications on the part's geometry with no tooling change.

    - Laser cutting technology is much faster and more cost effective than any other system be it router, water-jet, turret or plasma.

    - We can retain your projects data and repeat it on later date with 100% accuracy.

    - We guarantee prompt job turn around and delivery.

    By using our laser cutting technology, advantages include:

    - Accurate, repeatable cutting

    - Cut edges are clean with fair curves

    - Heat distortion minimal

    - No initial or ongoing tooling costs

    - No secondary process costs

    - Ideal for fast prototyping, from CAD drawings