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How to install
Screens comes together with fixings needed for assembly.
Step 1
Preparing the surface
  • Step 1.a:
    Determine where and how high on the wall you want the screen panel. Measure the size of the Screen Panel. Using the level, mark the height where you want the top of screen. Make sure the line is as level as possible. Decide on the position on the wall surface where you want to install and hold it in place. Now, using a pencil/black sharpie, mark the positions of the screw holes on the wall. Make sure you get a mark corresponding to the middle of each hole..
  • Step 1.b:
    Choose the appropriately sized masonry drill bit. When drilling the holes into the brick, make sure you drill a very straight bore. Drill the top two holes first and slightly angle the drill from the outside in. The hole should be as deep as the screw for a secure fit.
Step 2
Mounting the brackets
  • Step 2.a:
    Fix plugs into hole until flush with the wall.
  • Step 2.b:
    Hold spacer central to hole to take tek screw from front, then screw bracket onto wall plug securely. .
Step 3
Mounting the brackets
  • Step 3.a:
    Place screen onto wall brackets (which are already fixed to the wall)
  • Step 3.b:
    Fasten 2x screws on each corner of the bracket. Start from top corners working down.