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Indoor Accessories
We design and manufacture laser cut unique, elegant interior products. Many indoor designers choose a custom product to fit a specific space and purpose. Wide choice of spectacular lightboxes, laser cut mirror frames, original wall features and decorative partition screens.
  • Light Boxes
    Enjoy the comforting glow and unusual designing of quaint light boxes in any room of your home. Any UML pattern design can be enhanced by adding LED lighting & an acrylic diffuser to set the mood in any area.
  • Mirror Frames
    Practical and brilliant - your mirror will decorate any wall in your home. You may also enrich a used mirror with laser cut shapes for a custom look.
  • Wall Features
    One fabulous feature wall may really make a room stand out. It will impress without overwhelming and you can choose the designing in exactly your style. We've rounded up the most original and stylish feature wall ideas - from bedroom to living room.
  • Partition screens
    Screens are the smallest kind of room dividers available on the market, but that often works in their advantage. As such, They are easily placed wherever they are needed, whether to provide a small acoustic barrier to absorb excess noise, to create a more private working or meeting space, without losing the overall sense of space and giving original decorative look.